North Carolina Reports
Vol. 11
Cases Argued and Determined in the
Supreme Court of North Carolina

For December Term 1825 and June Term 1826

By Francis L. Hawks
(Vol. IV)

Annotated by Walter Clark

Richmond: James E. Goode Printing Company, Printers.

Table of Cases

Court Case County
Matlock v. Gray & Harper, p 1-16 Rockingham
Goodman's Administrator v. Armistead, p 16-17 Chowan
The Governor, to the use of Allen, v. Barkley and others, p 18-19 Northampton
Spiers v. Clay's Administrators, p 19-22 Hertford
Dozier v. Executor of Simmons, p 23-25 Currituck
Stedman v. Riddick, p 26-30 Gates
M'Kellar, and the other Justices of Cumberland, to the use of Archibald Smith, John Smith and David Smith, v. Bowell and Campbell, p 30-37 Cumberland
Chairman of Mecklenburg County Court, to the use of M'Bride, v. Clark and Springs, p 37-38 Mecklenburg
The Governor v. Hanrahan and others, p 38-43 Beaufort
Pride, executor of Jones, v. Pulliam, p 43-53 Wake
Finch's Executors v. Elliot, p 53-55 Rutherford
Tatem v. Paine and Sawyer, p 56-63 ***** Diagram Pasquotank
Wilson v. Myers and others, p 64-72 Beaufort
Bostick v. Rutherford, p 72-81 Rutherford
Banner v. M'Murray, p 81 Stokes
Brady v. Wilson, p 82 Moore
Morgan v. Purnell, p 83-86 Halifax
Arrenton v. Jordan, p 86-90 Perquimons
Stamps v. Graves, p 90-101 Caswell
Doe on demise of Taylor v. Roe and Shufford, p 101-117 Iredell
M'Clure's Executors v. Miller, p 117-123 Rutherford
Allison's executors v. Allison, p 123-156 Orange
Truett v. Chaplin, p 156-159 Tyrrel
State v. Alexander, p 159-163 Wilkes
State v. Yeates, p 164-169 Wilkes
State v. Twitty, p 169-170 Lincoln
State v. Justices of Lenoir County, p 170-173 Lenoir
State v. Saunders, p 173-175 Johnston
State v. Antonio, p 175-188 Craven
Taylor, executor, v. Lucas and others, p 188-189 Chatham
Heckstall and Wife v. Powell, p 189-191 Bertie
Fordham v. Miller's Administrators, p 191-194 Lenoir
Leroy v. Dickenson, p 195-198 Beaufort
Jarvis et al. v. Wyatt, p 198-223 not stated
Henderson et al. v. Stewart et al, p 223-229 Wake
Selby v. Clark, p 231-238 Beaufort
The Governor, to the use of Holcomb, v. Franklin and others, p 239-241 Surry
Hunter v. Kirk, p 242-243 Mecklenburg
Doe on dem. of Barden v. M'Kinne, p 243-246 Wayne
Hamilton v. Wright & Parrish, p 247-254 Granville
Paschall v. Williams, p 255-256 Warren
Person v. The President and Directors of the State Bank of North Carolina, p 256-261 Wake
Rawls, infants, by the Guardian v. Deans and others, p 261-269 Hertford
Brasfield v. Whitaker, p 270-271 Wake
Doe on dem. Gilliam v. Jacocks, p 271-296 Bertie
Chairman of Washington County Court, to the use of Armistead, v. Harramond et al., p 297-299 Washington
Brown v. Graves, p 300-305 Caswell
State v. Patillo & Saunders, p 305-307 Lincoln
State v. Joiner, p 307-312 Pitt
State v. Allen & Royster, p 312-314 Person
Augustus Moore v. Isaac Moore, p 314-317 Hertford
Francis Pugh v. Maer, Murfree and Burges, p 318-323 Franklin
Cannon v. Jones, adm'r of Nichols, p 323-325 Wake
Holmes & Williams v. Williams, p 325-326 Wake
Bruce et al. v. Child et al., p 326-337 Orange
The Attorney-General and Joseph Bell and others, inhabitants of the town of Tarborough, v. Blount, p 337-344 Edgecomb
Croom, ex'or of Whitfield, v. Herring, et al., legatees of Whitfield, p 344-352 Lenoir
Benzien's ex'ors v. Lenoir et al. and Griffin's heirs v. Griffin's ex'ors, p 353-359 Iredell & Johnston
Brachen v. Colquhoun et al., p 359-361 Orange
Falls and others v. Torrance, p 361-371 Iredell
Selby, adm'r, v. Dixon et al., p 372-373 Hyde

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