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North Carolina Reports
Vol. 7
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the
Supreme Court of North Carolina

A.D. Murphey, Reporter
Annotated by Walter Clark

Reprinted by the State, Nash Brothers, Printers, 1910


Table of Cases

Court Case County
Front Matter
title, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
The State v. Jim, a Negro Slave, p 9-11 Cumberland
The State v. Cherry, a Negro Slave, p 12-14 Wayne
The State v. Isaac Dickenson, p 14-15 Edgecombe
The State v. Barna Jernigan, p 15-21 Wayne
Archibald M'Kay, Guardian, &c., v. William Hendon, p 22-26 Bladen
Robert Edens and Wife and others v. James Williams's Executor, p 26-30 Bertie
Samuel Dark v. Joab Bagley and Britton Harris, p 30-35 Chatham
John Green v. William P. Mangum, p 35-38 Wake
Howell Jones and others v. Charles Edmonds, p 38-41 Northampton
Den on the Demise of Elizabeth Jacocks v. Moses Gilliam, p 41-46 Bertie
Alexander Long v. Lewis Beard and Jonathan Merrill, p 46-51 Iredell
Den on demise of Darius Amyett v. Allen Backhouse, p 52-55 Craven
Rebeccah Patton, by her Guardian John Patton, v. Joseph Clendenin and John MacDaniel, p 56-57 Orange
The President and Directors of the State Bank of North Carolina v. Nathan Smith, p 58-59 Craven
Geo. Williams and Garrison Williams v. John Howard, p 59-65 Rowan
Cherry v. Slade's Administrator, p 66-78 ~~~~ Diagrams Martin
John Taylor v. Mary Lanier and others, 78-82 Granville
James M. Burton v. Jesee Dickens, p 82-87 Person
The Executors of Charles James v. William B. Masters, p 87-90 Craven
Alice Hamilton, Ex'x of Ferdinand Hamilton, v. James Shepperd, Adm'r of Oliver Smith, p 90-93 Wayne
Owen Clinton v. Noah Mercer, p 94-95 Robeson
The State v. James Barrow, p 95-96 Pitt
The State v. Joshua Ammons, p 97-101 Wayne
Maurice Smith v. Woodson Daniel, Josiah Daniel and Elizabeth Daniel, Executors and Executrix of the last will of Josiah Daniel, Sen., dec'd, and against Robert Wade, p 101-104 Granville
John Davis, Adm'r of Barnaby Bulls v. Jacob Brooks, p 105-107 Johnston
The United States v. Thomas Whitmell, p 107-109 Halifax
Ebenezer MacNair v. Thomas Ragland and others, Executors of the last will of Richard Kennon, deceased, p 109-114 Orange
The Governor to the Use of Horace Dade v. William S. Morris, p 115-117 Craven
John R. Adam v. David Hay, p 117-118 Cumberland
Joseph Guy v. Alexander Hall, p 118-120 Iredell
The State v. John Witherow, p 120-122 Rutherford
Den on demise of James Whitted and Attilia his wife v. Samuel Williams, p 123-124 Franklin
The Administrator of R. Stallings v. the Executors of Garrett Goodloe, and the Executors of Garrett Goodloe v. the administrator of R. Stallings, 124-128 New Hanover
Den on Demise of Thos. Midford and wife v. Hodge Hardison, p 128-129 Martin
Daniel Killian v. John Watt, p 130-131 Iredell
Jacob Hoover v. John Clark's Administrators, p 131-133 Randolph
Obed Wood v. The Executors of Josiah Wood, p 134-136 Pitt
John Vanhook and others v. John Rogers' Executor, p 136-139 Person
John Beard v. John A. Cameron, p 139-143 Bladen
Jeter and Jeter v. Littlejohn's Executors, p 143-145 Granville
Kinchen Norfleet v. Daniel Southall, p 145-149 Gates
John L. Miller, by his Guardian William Miller, v. Robert H. Harwell, surviving Executor of Thomas Miller, and against Marmaduke Johnson, p 149-159 Warren
Samuel Strudwick et al. v. Pasquale Paoli Ashe and wife, p 159-160 New Hanover
Alexander M'Kay, Eliza M'Kay and John M'Kay v. William Hendon, p 160-164 Bladen
The Governor to the use of John and Alexander Brown v. Meshack Franklin, Executor of the last will of Gideon Edwards, deceased, p 164-166 Surry
The State v. Timothy Williamson, p 166-167 Cumberland
William Shepperd and others v. The Executor of Andrew Murdock, dec'd, 167-171 Orange
The State v. William Whithed, p 171-172 Edgecombe
The State v. John Brown, p 172-173 Camden
The State v. James Dodd, p174-176 Rutherford
The State v. Henry Waller, p 176-177 Edgecombe
The State v. Samuel Jackson and Jessie Davis, p 177-178 Wake
The State v. Abraham Hardie, p 178-180 Pitt
John A. Orr v. Andrew McBryde et al., p 180-182 Mecklenburg
Arthur Clarke, qui tam, &c. v. Rutherford, p 182-183 Burke
John Douglas v. William Mitchell, p 183-185 Person
E. L. Erwin v. Samuel Maxwell, p 185-188 Burke
Charles Stewart v. Thomas H. Davis, p 188-189 Craven
Joseph Watt v. James Greenlee and Asa Martin, p 189-190 Burke
Benjamin Johnston v. William Martin, p 190-192 Iredell
Den of Demise of Aquilla Oxley v. Mizle et al., p 192-194 Bertie
William W. Rodman v. Henry Austin, p 194-196 Halifax
Robert Fellow v. Anthony Fulgham, p 196-197 Wayne
Joseph and William Peace v. William Jones, p 197-200 Wake
Den on demise of Hattan & wife et al. v. Arthur Dew, p 200-205 Edgecombe
John Mosely Walker, Sarah Jane Walker and Eliza H. Walker, infants, by their next friend, Carleston Walker v. Hanson Kelly, William Watts Jones and John D. Toomer, Executors of the last will of John Walker, deceased, p 205-208 New Hanover
John H. Howard v. Edward Pasteur and Jonathan Price, p 208-210 Craven
Joshua Bell v. Noah Beeman and others, p 211-215 Edgecombe
Abraham S. Hallett v. Francis Lamothe, p 215-220 Craven
Grove Wright v. James Latham, p 220-226 Beaufort
Starkey Sharpe v. William and James Jones, executors of the last will of James Jones, deceased, and against John Winborne, p 226-231 Hertford
Henry Branson v. Joseph Gales, p 231-232 Wake
Kinchen Kitchen v. John Tyson, p 232-235 Moore
Johnson Administrator, &c. v. Blake Baker, p 235-238 Warren
Thomas Person v. Alexander Carter and James Porter, p 238-242 Wayne
Louisa Dickinson v. Joel Dickinson, p 243-246 Beaufort
The Governor v. Col. Thomas Bell, p 246-247 Wake
Joe Doe on the several demises of Wm. B. Shepard and wife et al. v. William Shepard, p 248-258 ~~~ Diagram not stated
Benjamin Ballard and wife et al. v. Thomas B. Hill's Heirs, p 258-265 ~~~ Diagram Halifax
Richard M'Cree v. William Houston, p 266-275 Mecklenburg
Forrest v. Hart, p 275-278 Halifax
Shipp v. M'Craw, p 278-282 Wilkes
Hardy Watford v. James Pitt, p 282-283 Bertie
William Ainsworth v. John M. Greenlee, p 283-285 Burke
Geo. Lane et al. v. Daniel Patrick and Ruffin Granger, p 285-291 Craven
The State v. Sarah Jeffreys, p 291-293 Caswell
Bartholomew Barrow v. David Pender, Sen., p 293-296 Halifax
The State v. William Sparrow, p 296-301 Orange
Vass and Wife et al. v. Hicks, p 302-303 Granville
Royal Algood v. Patrick Hutchins, p 304-305 Surry
Den on the Demise of John Young v. David Tate, p 305-307 Buncombe
Allen Twitty v. Thomas M'Guire, p 307-310 Rutherford
Thomas Willson v. Jacob Shufford, p 310-312 Lincoln
Den on Demise of Benj. Smith v. Hanson Kelly, p 312-314 Brunswick
Peterson Browne v. Robert Blick, administrator of Priscilla Hilliard, deceased, p 314-320 Northampton
Criswell Key v. Samuel Allen, p 320-322 Rockingham
Samuel Dickens, Adm'r of the Estate of William Cocke, Deceased v. William Shepperd, p 323-328 Person
State v. Joseph Martin et al., p 328-329 Wayne
Samuel Skinner, executor of the last will of Evan Skinner, dec'd, v. John Skinner, p 330-332 Washington
Den on demise of Reddick and Wife v. Leggat, p 332-338 ~~ Diagram Bertie
Den on Demise of John Thompson v. Philemon Hodges, p 338-339 Cumberland
John Gibbons and Wife et al. v. Andrew Dunn et al., p 340-342 Mecklenburg
Den on demise of James Orbison v. George Morrison, p 342-346 Iredell
Den on the Demise of William Tate's Heirs v. Ephraim Greenlee, p 346-347 Burke
Den on Demise of John Stevenson v. Jonathan H. Jacocks, p 348-350 Perquimans
Den on the several Demises of Richard Jones and Tamerlane Jones v. Richard Putney, Sen., p 350-353 Northampton
James Cowan v. Moses Green, p 353-355 Mecklenburg
The State v. John Arrington, p 355-357 Buncombe
Francis Browne v. William Dula, p 357-359 Wilkes
James Riden et al. v. John D. Frion, p 360-361 Craven
Tremble v. the Heirs of James Jones, Deceased, p 361-363 Hertford
Robert Thompson and Wife et al. v. Thomas Blair et al., p 364-373 Guilford
Robert H. Jones, administrator of Augustine Bayners, deceased v. John Brodie, administrator, with the will annexed of Alexander Brodie, deceased, p 373-375 Warren
William Blackledge, Executor of the Last Will of Benjamin Blackledge, Deceased v. Thomas Singleton et al., p 375-377 Craven

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