Pacific View Memorial Park

3500 Pacific View Drive
Corona del Mar, Orange Co., CA 92625

(949) 644-2700
Partial Transcription

Pacific View Entrance

BURTON-GRAHOVIC, Brandi Leigh 7/21/1971 5/2/2001
CHANDLER, Janice 1935 2004
CHANDLER, Lyle 1927 1993
DUNLOP, Albert Franklin 1930 2004 Beloved husband & father
DUNLOP, Sally Rutherford 1931 1998 Beloved wife & mother
LAWSON, Leigh William 11/7/1962 8/26/2000 Beloved son, brother, uncle, cat lover. And a bass player with music in his soul. Lost to us all in his prime
TRONVOLD, Leif 2/13/1920 1/26/1986 Var Viking
VALENCIA, John E. 1931 2003 Now at Peace

Victims of Drunk Drivers Memorial

Plaque #1
BURNS, Nichole Renee RIOS, Reuben F., Sr., CHP Officer MORCHY, Sarah Leora
SCHREURS, Rodney W. WORKMAN, H. Gene McLEAN, Peter R.
Plaque #2
LONG, Jean Paxton DRUCKREY, Diane Mae LOPEZ, Ernesto, Jr., DDS
Plaque #3
KILLEKEA, Debbie HOWELL, Jamey M. COLEMAN, Julie Ann

Plaque #4
MOLK, Jason Adam STONE, Staycee Gail FABBRO, Jonathan Croweagle
Plaque #5
Plaque #6
Plaque #7
HOLLAR, Kyle Brandon

Plaque #8
WIRTH, Kimberly QUINN, Linda Jean SAENZ, Manuel H.
FARRENS, Edward Lee JONES, Garrett T., II ZMRZEL, William C.
Plaque #9
BECERRA, Justin M. GILBERT, Melissa Ann LEON, Valentino A.
LEON, Lorenzo P.

Plaque #10
PRICE, Carol Sadler WILHEIM, Karen Sue JONES, Roger Allen
LAICHE, Emley Lauren

Plaque #11
ROCHA, Adam Anthony VANN, Brook Marie Luna
Plaque #12
DAWSON, Lori L. BITTNER, Charles A. CRANE, Michele Rae
VOISINE, Danielle Faith BITTNER, Leslie Ann AZGOUR, Jamal
Plaque #13
KNAB, Mandy Renee APPLEBY, Douglas Edward NAKAMURA, Jina S.
BLAS, Thomas G.

Plaque #14
CURLER, Lori Ann PECKINPAUGH, Michael D. SECOR, Kimberly Z.
VARELA, Jonathan M.

Plaque #15
ZEIGLER, Karen Ann SOVAN, Evelyn M. WILD, Mary
ELLIS, Teri Louise TOMAJKO, Timothy
Plaque #16
NEWTON, William F. KNOTTER, Rev. Lucien T., Jr. GARRARD, Daniel Ross
COLSTON, Charles Ellery, Jr.

Drunk Driver Memorial Poem
"It was just another day. No one special came. Nothing unusual happened. The evening was just the same. Just an ordinary day. And then the telephone rang. From that moment on forever, Everything was changed." Richard A. Dew, M.D.

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