Kings County Cemeteries

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File Description Size Date Submitter
Graingeville Cemetery, Armona 1K Apr 2004 Elnora Wyrick
Grangeville Cemetery 2K Aug 2003 Belva Dixon
Grangeville Cemetery - Partial Survey More to Come 5K Apr 2008 Yvonne Valentine
Grangeville Cemetery - Partial Survey More To Come 12K Apr 2008 Yvonne Valentine
Lakeside Cemetery, Hanford 12K  Jun 2005 Dorothea Williams-Schlater
Lemoore Cemetery - Partial Survey 3K Apr 2010 Yvonne Valentine
Potters Field Cemetery 6K Jun 2007 Yvonne Valentine
Rhoads Cemetery near Lemoore 5K Jun 2000 Donna Crow


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