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Mendenhall Glacier and Auk Lake, near Juneau

Mendenhall's Glacier, near Juneau

Taku Glacier


Street Scene, Douglas
City of Juneau


Residence District, Juneau

Gastineau Channel from Mt. Juneau

Castineau Channel from Mt. Juneau: Juneau in Foreground; Douglas and Treadwell in Distance (1907)

Government Court House, Juneau

Treadwell Gold Mine, Juneau

Treadwell Mine, 300 Stamp Mill, Vanner Room, Juneau

Seward Street, Juneau (1909)

Three Hundred Stamp Mill and Concentrater at Treadwell Mine, Douglass Island

"Glory Hole", Looking East, Treadwell Mine

Alaska Juneau Mine and Juneau

The Nugget Shop, Juneau

Vegetable Garden, Juneau

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